Before your arrival

Some things to keep in mind before your arrival

Accommodation Information

Information about College accommodation, and alternatives, is available here. If you have not been given a room in College, it is advisable to come early to look for accommodation. If you need further advice about accommodation inside or outside College, please contact a member of the CR Committee.

Non-British Students

It is very important that you visit your nearest British Council and check your immigration requirements. Most British Councils should have an information sheet for students, including details of medical screening requirements. It is highly recommended that medical screening for immigration clearance be done before departure. It can be done at the immigration checkpoint itself, but this will delay immigration clearance, sometimes by a few hours. You should have the following documents to present to the immigration officer at passport control:

  • Your Passport
  • A Letter of acceptance from the College or Board of Graduate Studies 
  • Proof of funds for your course of study (bank draft/banker’s letter / letter of sponsorship)
  • Your Student Visa (if required)

Further information can be found at:

Some of the other things which you should keep in mind while packing:

For electrical appliances

The electricity supply is 240V AC at 50 Hz, which is different from continental Europe and North America. Make sure you have the correct adapters/converters for your laptop and any other electrical appliances you decide to bring.

The weather in Cambridge and what to pack

Cambridge is an extremely nice city and one of the driest places in the country. However, the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, and it can get quite chilly in winter. A good waterproof jacket, jumper, and an umbrella will come in handy. If you are coming from a tropical country, you might find a better selection of suitable winter clothing as you arrive here. On the other hand, the weather can get quite warm at the end of Easter term, thus summer clothing will also be needed.

A little on formal events and clothing

Cambridge colleges are famous for hosting many formal events, which range from formal dinners to black-tie events, such as May Balls at the end of the academic year. The College Blue Book provides guidance for ‘formal’ dress; this includes a jacket and tie or lounge suit, or equivalent formal dress. Where ‘formal evening wear’ is indicated, this means black-tie, here a dinner suit (tuxedo) or evening dress may be necessary. There is a great variety of shops in Cambridge where you can purchase formal dresses or even hire them.

Upon your arrival, you will have to buy a gown as part of your academic dress, as you will need it for matriculation and formal hall events. We will direct you to the shops where they can be purchased. Second-hand gowns will also be available.

Travelling in Cambridge

Cycling is the main means of transport in Cambridge. If you are planning to purchase a bike, there are a lot of bike shops in town. We will be happy to direct you to some of them during the Freshers’ Week. Bike helmets and lights are also essential for your own safety. During autumn and winter, the police can fine you for cycling without lights on in the evening. Eddie’s is also within a walking distance to town centre and most of the departments, so it is advisable that you bring appropriate footwear.

Help when you get here

As soon as you get to College you will be able to get help and information. Reception will be open to welcome you and give you your student card. Further to this, there will be a Helpdesk in the CR (Combination Room) which will be run by the CR committee. They will be able to guide you through your first few days at.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any member of the CR committee, with any other questions you may have. Our contact details can be found on the CR website here.

Further information

You can access the 2019 Fresher’s Guide here, and the CR Calendar of events for Fresher’s Week here.

The 2019-2020 Eddie’s Facebook group can be accessed here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Eddie’s soon!