Accommodation within College

The College has various accommodation buildings, and 11 different room categories depending on their characteristics. Rent for category 1-7 rooms are invoice quarterly, inclusive of utility bills, while rents for other properties are invoice monthly, exclusive of utility bills and council tax.

The College opened Mount Pleasant Hallsin 2019, which offers additional single ensuite bedrooms and studios.

More information on room categories and details can be found on the College website.

Room Categories

Category 1 – Small study bedroom with washbasin, shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 2 – Medium study bedroom with washbasin, shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 3 – Larger study bedroom, shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 4 – Larger study bedroom, shared toilet and bath facilities.

Category 5 –  Larger study bedroom, ensuite room.

Category 6 – Larger study bedroom, ensuite room in Mount Pleasant Halls.

Category 7 – Studio Flat, Mount Pleasant Halls.

Category 8  – Studio Flat, mainsite.

Category 9 – Maisonette.

Category 10 – Three Room Flat.

Category 11 – Four Room Flat.

Details on room categories are available on the St Edmund’s College website here.

Norfolk Building

The main college building, this includes study bedrooms in categories 1 to 4.

Richard Laws Building

This building includes bedrooms in category 4.

Brian Heap Building

This building includes bedrooms in category 5.

The White Cottage

This small cottage located at the entrance of the college includes bedrooms in categories 1-5.

Mount Pleasant Halls

Eddie’s newest accommodation includes single ensuite rooms and studios (categories 6-7).

Other College accommodation includes Benet House (categories 1-4), the Geoffrey Cook Building (two and three-room flats), as well as Studio Flatsand Maisonettes.

Accommodation outside College

There are several options for students who want, or need, to look for accommodation outside the College.

It is recommended that students arrange for accommodation prior to the start of term. Students are reminded that when renting outside of College, there may be additional requirements from landlords, including proof of ID, previous address, deposits or application fees.

Information on the your rights and responsibilities for private renting, can be found on the UK Government site here, including the helpful How to rent guide.

If you need to arrive earlier in order to find accommodation outside of college, there may be a possibility for temporary accommodation from college. If students are interested in pursuing this option, such a request should be made well in advance through the Tutorial office.

University Accommodation Service

The University Accommodation Office helps students find accommodation outside of their College; this includes properties within the private sector and University-owned properties.

A summary of accommodation services is available on their website, including:

Students can also contact the accommodation team by phone, email or through an in-person appointment:

Kellet Lodge
Tennis Court Road

Private Accommodation

Useful web links: