End of the Punt Season – Thursday 11th Oct

Dear Eddies,

With regret, I must announce today that the punting season will end this week.

Therefore, from this Friday (12/10/12) onwards, punting (and booking punts on the homepage) will not be possible until April 2013, when the next season shall commence.

The exact dates will be announced in due course. This means that if you want to go punting, do it by Thursday, the 11th!

Furthermore, I would like to praise and underline the exquisite nature of the position “Punt Admiral”. (Not Punt Master, as in other colleges…) I would be very happy if Eddies’ found a new Punt Admiral who would aggrandise the honour and standing of our great fleet. I can only advise everyone with some interest in punting, water-sports, or “Cambridgy” past-time activities to consider running in the upcoming elections! The position is fun and not too much work!

If there are any problems with booking in the coming days, or if you want to learn more about the position, feel free to contact me (punts@st-edmunds-cr.co.uk).

Signing off and out.

With Best Wishes

(Outgoing Punt Admiral)