St Edmund’s Pub Quiz and Pizza is a huge success!

In the week 6 of Lent Term we hosted a successful and very well attended Pub Quiz with FREE pizza for CR members.  Congratulations to the winning team,  ‘Quiz In My Pants’, who managed to answer fiendish questions such as:


1. Kennedy was born with webbed feet?

2. Saint Edmund’s is an anagram of DESIST, MAD NUN!

3. The lyrics to the song “Hit me baby one more time” were based on events in the play “The Master Builder” by Henrik Ibsen?

4. The phrase “Stuff and Nonesense” is a corruption of the original “Prussian nonsense”, coined as a derogatory racial slur at our enemies Prussia in the War of the Second Coalition, 1798.

5. The inventor of Scientology, Mr L Ron Hubbard’s first name was Laffayette.

Fabulously written and delivered by our very own Quiz Master Will Leveritt, we will hopefully be hosting another in Easter Term , so students can take a few hours off revision and see if they can beat the Quiz Master!

Below is a selection of photos from the evening:

Will the Quiz Master looking refreshed after a Southern Comfort and Lemonade and Kate the Ents Secretary who organised the evening.
CR members thinking maybe a bit too hard.
The crowd excitedly awaits free pizza.
'Quiz In My Pants' looking quietly confident.