Women’s VIII takes Lents by storm!!

Day 1: Couldn’t have gone better really. A dramatic bump on Clare II around First Post Corner sees us almost disqualified but given the benefit of the doubt (yet heavily fined) by the lovely curly-haired umpire. An hours break to visit the local pub barefoot (and probably for the last time on a Tuesday afternoon) before taking to the water once more to face Addenbrookes at the bottom of division 2. Bumped before the motorway bridge. Day 1 was a resounding success, with a day off to recover.

Day 2: Next up was Caius II, who’d rowed over the previous day. Overhearing the Addenbrookes coach behind us at the start tipping us to bump gave us confidence, and another powerful start led to a bump before the motorway bridge. Job done!

Day 3: Next up against the St Ed’s steamroller was Anglia Ruskin. The marshall informed us on the start that we were predicted to bump, and that’s exactly what we did. A perfect start and clinical finish left ARU wondering what hit them.

Day 4: After 4 bumps, we were ready to take on the might 1st and 3rd. Having had a technical rowover the previous day, they were relatively fresh and we knew they’d be a tough opposition. They were all that stood in the way of us and earning our blades. After a rocky start, we settled into a good rhythm and were within reaching distance by Grassy Corner. Unfortunately, they matched us for every push and remained just out of our grasp. Disappointed, we rowed back to the boat house.

Overall, this was the best Bumps campaign the crew had seen. Good job, ladies!!