Happy 2011!

Hello all,

Hope you had a fab holiday break! For those of you who aren’t on the mailing list (I’m on it, get on it! Here –> https://lists.cam.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/st-edmunds-lgbt )

There are a few events happening over the next couple of weeks:

[no definition] magazine subscription
I’ve signed the college up to receive some copies of the University LGBT magazine [no definition]. These should be delivered to me about once a term and I’ll leave them in the CR with the newspapers if anyone’s interested in having a browse. There are usually some pretty interesting articles. If you’d prefer to receive your own copy delivered discretely to your pigeon hole, you can also sign up here –> http://www.lgbt.cusu.cam.ac.uk/magazine/subscribe

The Lent [no definition] launch party
This is a massive excuse to also have a re-freshers’ party, is this coming Monday i.e. Monday 24 January, 8pm. It’s in Queens’ Old Hall, again, like it was in Michaelmas, because the room is so beautiful and it seems like the rest of our world is not quite aesthetically pleasing enough.

Women’s Formal at Robinson
A few of us have signed up to this already, should be a top night.
To celebrate LGBT History Month, Robinson College is holding a formal exclusively for women*! Feel that wonderful feeling of sitting down at an LGBT formal… next to two girls!
Find out the details and book your place HERE http://goo.gl/4rsOI
– hurry because there are only 34 places and your cheque needs to be received by 24 January.
* (all self-defined women)