The 2011 College Calendar is here

Get very excited Eddies the 2011 College Calendar  is being printed as we speak.

Profits from sales of the calendar will be split between CamFed which aims to help women out of poverty in developing countries by educating them and The Cambridge Women’s refuge which exists in Cambridge to help those women most in need.

The calendar is the perfect gift to send home for Christmas or to give you memories of Eds through the year.  The cost will be £5 per calendar, with at least £1.25 going to charity.  You can order the calendar by placing a cheque or cash in my pigeon hole (Moore, P) via bank transfer (email me for details pm401) or via PayPal by sending £5 to  A low res online pdf of the calendar can be seen here Calendar 2011, the final calendar will be spiral bound A5 size.