Upcoming Events

Dear Eddies

There are a number of upcoming events in the next couple of weeks, organised by both the CR and other colleges or MCRs.

  • Cocktail Night at Murray Edwards from 7:30pm in their MCR on the 8th October.

Entrace is free and the cocktails are one pound.

  • Eddies’ Autumn Bop in the CR on Saturday 9th starting at 9pm

Entry is free, the bar is open late and there’ll be a DJ.

  • International Food Night on the 10th October.

7pm in the CR

  • MCRevolution at Revolution on the 24th October from 8:30pm – late.

Tickets are on sale until the 18th. Please email Elizabeth on ep363@cam.ac.uk to buy a ticket. There’ll be  two DJs,  a chocolate fountain, casino tables and a chance to win a free ski trip.


Eddies Ents Crew