University Challenge invitation

A message from the CU Quiz Soc:

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I am the president of the Cambridge University Quiz Society and am currently organising our annual inter-collegiate quiz competition. All colleges can enter as many teams as they like, each consisting of 4 current members (undergrad, grad or fellow, or a mix) and the format and difficulty is exactly that of University Challenge.

This makes it a great opportunity for your college’s UC team to practice ahead of the auditions in May and, if you don’t have a team yet, find out who your best quizzers are, and maybe a Cambridge college could win the next series (for the first time since 1996). The competition is also a great opportunity to show Cambridge just what your college is made of and why the Tompkins Table may be talking out of its arse.

If you would like to submit a team, then just email me (sgs31) with a contact email for each captain. The quiz will take place in the evenings of the last 2 weeks of this term, with exact timings to be announced once we know how many matches we need to schedule. When you have your teams, please let me know by next Friday (26th) at the very latest.

Good luck, Simon