Eddie’s CR Committee is proud to make student well-being a priority. The CR welfare team includes the CR Welfare Officers, as well as the BAME Officer, the Families’ Officer, the LGBTQ+ Officer and the Women’s Officer. 

Students can reach the welfare team any time via email for informal and confidential conversations about any concern’s students might have. Their job is to signpost students to the resources, services and people that will help and support. The welfare team runs different events and sessions throughout the year.

You can contact our welfare officers below; the list of the current team is available here.

Further, there is a Condom Fairy (cr-condoms@st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk) who will deliver condoms, lube, and pregnancy tests anonymously to pigeonholes within 24 hours of a request.

The CR also arranges Buddies at the beginning of Michaelmas term to pair current and new students. Buddies serve as an important point of contact, especially for queries students may have prior to coming to Cambridge and as they are settling in. Generally, buddy contact begins shortly before Michaelmas term. Students are also encouraged to reach out to the CR Committee with any questions or concerns they may have.

College Resources:

Every student at Eddie’s is assigned a College Tutor, who is there to provide support for you and be someone to whom you can speak confidentially about anything from work, money, illness, friends, and family. They will also help guide you to services that can offer more support. 

Taryn, the College Nurse, and Father Alban, the College Dean, are also able to provide pastoral care and additional welfare support. There is also a College Counsellor.

Please refer to the Blue Book and College website for more information and contact details.

University Resources:

The University offers a Counselling Servicefor students. Wait times for this service can be long, so if you think it is a service you may need, it is good to sign up early. Please do not hesitate to speak to your Tutor as the wait time can be shortened. 

Alternatively, your GP (Doctor) can refer you for counselling on the NHS, regardless of nationality. If you find yourself in a crisis, you can contact Cambridge Nightline (7pm to 7am during Full Term: 01223 744444), Samaritans (01223 116123), or the Emergency Services (999). Please also see the Emergency Contacts section below.

The Disability Resource Centreis there to offer support for students with a range of ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ disabilities. If you have a disability, it is important that you register with the DRC so that you can claim any reasonable adjustments (e.g. deadline extensions or exam access arrangements) which you may require in order to complete your studies. They offer services such as mentoring, assistance with navigating University systems and protocols, and study skills counselling. You are invited to contact them whenever you have any questions or need any assistance or advice from them.

CUSU have a Disabled Students’ Campaignwhich also offers resources and support.

The University itself has lots of informationabout student well-being.

If you encounter a problem, academic or otherwise, while you are at Cambridge you can discuss it and talk through your options with one of the advisors from SUAS (Students’ Unions’ Advice Service). They provide free, independent and confidential support to undergraduates and postgraduates.

The student-led charity group, Student Minds Cambridge(SMC), is committed to increasing awareness and improving university provisions for mental health support. This year, a team of Eddie’s college reps for SMC will be organising events.

Cycling Information:

Information on cycling maps, rules, guidelines, maintenance, and safety tips can be found at the following website:  http://www.camcycle.org.uk/resources/

Bicycle theft is very common in Cambridge. Remember to lock your bike securely with a good, sturdy lock and remove your lights from your bike and carry them with you after you have parked your bike as these are also commonly stolen.