Prospective Students

The University of Cambridge has attracted many of the very best minds since 1209, when a group of scholars left Oxford to set up a new institution in Cambridge.

Today the University has grown to around 17,500 students (7,000 of whom are graduate students), and 3,000 teaching and administrative staff. Of the graduate students, 50 per cent come from overseas, and well over a third are women. The University and its Colleges are now spread throughout the city.

The University offers a lot but also expects a lot. Courses are remarkably tough, but if you have the commitment, the ability, and the motivation, you can expect great rewards with exhilarating intellectual satisfaction and a capability much sought after by employers in industry and academia.

St Edmund’s, popularly known as Eddie’s, is one of the most vibrant and international Colleges of Cambridge; we have students from over 70 countries. We are also a mature College which means that all students are 21 years of age and older and some have returned to student life after fascinating life experiences.

We are an extremely friendly College, and one of the most informal. We are one of the few Colleges where the Master, the Tutors, Directors of Studies, and others sit and dine with students rather than on a separate high table. The friendly and relaxed nature of Eddie’s permeates through all aspects of College life giving a busy and varied social and academic life. You are sure to make friends from all over the world, never be short of stimulating conversation, and have a wide range of both social and academic events to participate in within College.

To find out more about what goes on in Eddies, browse our CR website or have a look at our Freshers’ Guide – it contains all the information about life in College and is a great place to find out all the information you need. For information about applying to St Edmund’s, you can visit the College website here.

We hope you will consider applying to St Edmund’s, a place which many of us consider to be a home from home.