Combination Room and Bar

The Combination Room (CR)

The CR is the communal place in College for students. It offers a place to relax, read the paper, watch TV, play pool or grab a drink from the College bar. Eddie’s people often stop by during the day for tea or coffee or to catch up with friends in the evening after a busy day working. Think of it as the living room of the College!

At Eddie’s we have three spaces that are College common areas. They include the CR that acts as the main CR space and has Eddies Bar attached. The CR Annex and Mount Pleasant Halls CR are additional spaces for CR members to socialise and relax.

The College Bar

Eddie’s Bar reflects the open, friendly, and international nature of St. Edmund’s College. It is a unique place, and a focal point of College life. One of the last College bars in Cambridge entirely managed and run by students, Eddie’s Bar offers great quality and variety for low prices to the College community. The bar is a hot-spot to hang out and relax, socialise, and meet fellow members of Eddie’s, to have a drink after a stressful Cambridge day.

Conveniently located right by the CR in the Norfolk building, the bar is at the heart of the College community.

During term time, the Bar is open 7 days a week from 7:30pm to 11:30pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 7:30pm to 12:30am (Friday and Saturday). On occasion, when there are bops (parties) or other events, the Bar is usually granted a 1-hour extension in addition to the scheduled time.

We offer:

  1. a great variety of drinks:
    • international lagers
    • variety ofciders
    • high-quality spirits
    • selected whiskeys
    • quality wines
    • unique cocktails
  2. a friendly and warm atmosphere
  3. probably the best bartenders in town
  4. a wide range of music
  5. unbeatable prices

No description will ever truly capture the atmosphere of our bar, so come by and join us for a drink!

Working at the Bar

If you are interested in becoming part of an amazing team of bartenders and want an exclusive perspective from the other side of that magical counter, contact the bar stewards (

All Eddie’s bartenders are unpaid volunteers. No prior bar experience is required. No massive commitment of time involved. Ask any of the bar staff about their experience, it is good fun! Plus, we are always looking for additions to our team, even if you cannot work a set shift every week, as Bops (student parties) and other events always require extra staff.