Hardship & Travel Funds

Message from the Senior Tutor:

Hardship and Travel Funds

There are some funding opportunities in the University to help with unforseen financial hardship.

In order to apply you need the support of your tutor.

Access to Learning Fund (ALF)

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible. The ALF is principally for ‘Home’ students, but some other categories of student (refugees, persons granted exceptional leave to enter or remain, migrant workers, etc.), including certain EU students may be eligible.

You need to check on the website:

AFL forms are available in the Tutorial Office.
Applications can be made anytime, but once the fund has been spent (usually in the Lent Term), no more money is available!!

The Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds

For home undergraduates experiencing financial difficulties. Applications have to be made by your tutor and the deadline is 9th November (this term). Applications can also be made
in the Lent Term and Easter term.

For further information see:

General information and links on Funding Opportunities can be found on:

The November issue of The Reporter also has a list of different awards across the faculties and Universities. Sometimes you can find one relavant to your situation or studies.


If you have children, please see the site:

There is a Bursary Scheme for overseas students:

Again, your tutor’s support is crucial.

St. Eds Hardship and Travel awards

St. Edmund’s has a small fund for travel and hardship. Forms can be found on:

These need to be supported and countersigned by your tutor. For travel and academic purposes a letter of support is also needed from your supervisor or DoS.