Committee for Green Issues

Hi Eddies,

The first time the Green Committee is meeting in the Norfolk Library on thursday the 14th of October at 6.00 pm. It is an informal meeting were I will give you an update, give an report from the first EEC meeting this year and answer questions. Everybody is welcome! Cookies straight from the oven are as welcome as students and fellows. For any questions or comments, drop me a message (

Yours Green Officer, Tim

Sunday Movie Night


St. Edmund’s College Sunday Movie Nights.  No description needed.  Come and join us in the GARDEN ROOM every Sunday at 8:15 pm during term time.  We highlight films  from all over the globe with focus on independent cinema.  For more information and suggestions contact Ali Ahmad at aa579@

This week’s film:  Le diner des cons

Films shown so far (2009/2010):

-The lives of  others, 2006

-Caramel, 2007

-To live, 1994

– Amores perros, 2000

-Khuda Kay Liye (In the name of God), 2007

-No man’s land, 2001

-L’Enfant , 2005

-Eternity and a day, 1998

-Bab’Aziz, 2005

-Where the water meets the sky, 2008