Open Mic Night 13th November

Dear Eddies

The time has come for us to have this year’s first edition of our
legendary Open Mic Nights! For the new students amongst you, this is the
night when the Music Society stages what turns out to be the best free
gig in town. From improvised jams with musicians you’ve never played with
before to your own guitar and vocals compositions, everything is welcome!
So do come by the CR, enjoy a nice evening of live music presenting our
local talents, along with our fantastic bar selection and friendly
Eddie’s atmosphere. Outside performers and guests are more than welcome
so make sure to tell your friends! To be sure you get a slot in the
line up, or for any other information about the event, send an email to

St. Edmunds Open Mic Night, 9pm Saturday 13th November, Eddies CR.

St Edmund’s Music Society