CUSU LGBT Events – 15th Nov

‘CU STANDS UP’ WEEK: LBGT’S ‘BLOODY UNFAIR’ Every year CUSU runs a ‘CU Stands Up’ Week, which is a week of events showing everyone in the university what CUSU does. This year, CU Stands Up Week is Saturday 13 November – Saturday 20 November. CUSU LBGT’s day is Monday 15 November, so look forward to be introduced to our newest campaign, Bloody Unfair, raising awareness of the lifetime ban on men who’ve had sex with men donating blood, and the 12 month ban on females who have had sex with men who’ve had sex with men.

Members of the CUSU LBGT Exec will be staffing stalls and flyering 12-2pm on both the New Museums Site and Sidgwick Site. We’ll have flyers and information and will be there to talk to people about what CUSU LBGT does.

Chris Ward is the guy behind Lib Dems Against the Blood Ban ( ) and, in line with CUSU LBGT’s new campaign Bloody Unfair, he’ll be speaking in Beves Room of King’s College 5-6pm. He’ll be telling us about the ban, the issues to do with the ban, why he wants it repealed and what he’s doing about it, followed by a Q&A. This event will be followed by…

At the last Open Meeting we decided that CUSU LBGT should consult its members about how to proceed regarding the MSM blood ban, so this’ll be that consultation. Open to everyone interested in knowing more and/or shaping the stance of CUSU LBGT on the MSM blood ban. This will be a great time to get brainstorming on what CUSU LBGT could do with ‘Bloody Unfair’. This event will be followed by…

An information and update meeting with Rowan, the CUSU LBGT Trans Rep, on the trans campaign Think Outside the Box, which is attempting to flag up and change the restrictive binary gender options on forms primarily, amongst other objectives.

In line with our new campaign ‘Bloody Unfair’ about the MSM blood ban, our weekly quiz night will be slightly themed and extra taxing. Come in droves, come in teams or come and join a team for a bloody hard pub quiz.

An extra special, extra righteous, extra red Rendezvous. The Cow’s turning red, the cocktails are turning red, you’ll get to shoot up shots in syringes and anyone who turns up fully in red gets cheaper entry and 2-for-1 on bloody red vodka jellies.

*Come for all of it or, if you can’t, come for parts of it. Invite your friends – this day is not just for CUSU LBGT members; it’s to showcase what we’re doing to everyone! Everything is accessible, everything is spectacular, and this promises to be one Bloody Great Day!*

*Visit for information on the CUSU LBGT Campaign, and email any of our Exec members to learn a little more.*

BCG Mingle @ Ta Bouche, 8-10pm

One of our sponsors is putting on an event tonight so we have to
publicise it far and wide. It’d be great if you could come and get some
college people to come – we used to have Revs pre-drinks in Ta Bouche
last year so I’m pretty fond of it anyway. Here are the details:

Come down to Ta Bouche this Thursday for an informal chat with members of the BCG LBGT network. This is a great chance to find out how BCG supports and values diversity, and to ask any questions you may have, or just get to know us over some good drinks!

4th November, 8pm – 10pm at Ta Bouche (10-15 Market Passage, by Fez Club)

BCG is a global strategy consultancy with 70 offices worldwide. We partner with clients across multiple industries to address their most pressing issues.
>> Our leading position depends on the strength of our people, no matter who they are. This is why we place great value in supporting diversity. We have a very active LGBT Network which helps to offer this support, and also organises LGBT events on a local and global scale.

CUSU LGBT Open Meeting

November 1st, Mong Hall, Sidney Sussex College, 6-7pm

The Open Meeting is the most important part of CUSU LBGT. We need your views, input and votes to decide what we should be focusing on as a campaign. One of the most important things at this Open Meeting is the new constitutio…n, and we’re also looking to fill vacant spots on the executive committee (Exec). This is a great chance to get involved with your Campaign, get some excellent experience in organisation, networking and activism and meet other motivated people.


Open Meeting: Monday 1st November at 6-7pm in Mong Hall at Sidney Sussex.

The Constitution is a complete rewrite – Major changes include online voting and the removal/combination of some redundant roles, as well as tightening things up to ensure the campaign is effective. It’s not necessary to have read the entire document, but you can find a summarising document in your LISTINGS e-bulletin.

We’ll be discussing “Bloody Unfair”, our idea for a campaign against the ban on Gay and Bisexual men (and their partners) giving blood. If you got any thoughts on this, such as events, speakers, themes, then we’d love to hear from you!


Are you interested in getting involved with the Exec? Elections will be held for the following positions at the Open Meeting:

Campaigns Officer – co-ordinate, run and support our existing campaigns, as well as starting new ones. This is a vital role in the exec. Sponsorship Officer – liaise with our existing sponsors and additional companies interested in sponsoring CUSU LBGT. Socials Officer(s) – organise and run our Sunday Socials, as well as other social activities such as the Garden Party. Grad Rep – organise social and other events for Grads and mature students. Represent grads to the exec. [no definition] Editor(s) – design and edit our termly magazine. Additional Ents Officer – join Lucas Trujillo to help set up and co-ordinate ents such as Rendezvous, the mega formals and whatever else you can think up! Welfare Officer* – ensure the mental and physical welfare of our members. Be approachable and provide confidential advice on request. Work with CUSU’s Student Support Officer and college reps. President* – Head of the Campaign. Co-ordinate activities, long term plans, represent Campaign to CUSU and the University, as well as nationally.

If you are interested, email the Chair, Dan Green on Roles marked with * have an acting member currently in them who will also be running for election.


If you have anything specific you want to discuss at the Open Meeting, you should submit them to the Chair, Dan Green on, by midnight on Friday. Please include a brief description of what you want to discuss, and the action you want to be voted on. Note that we have a section for “questions to the exec”, so queries can be brought up then rather than having a separate motion.

Pub Quiz at The Cow – Mondays

Every Monday before Rendezvous, CUSU LBGT now hold a pub quiz at 8pm in The Cow with teams of 3-7. Head down there for prizes of pizzas and drinks and stuff like that. Entry is £2, which gets you into the club night Rendezvous afterwards. You don’t have to be good at general knowledge – you should be quite partial towards joviality though. If we want a college team, let me know and I’ll sort out numbers; then we can work on the team name…