Bicycle Doctor Workshop

Hi Eddies,

After the Bicycle Doctors great success last year. We are looking forward to our second year.  Our resources are still limited, but we accumulated tools and bike parts last year. Due to generous donations from leaving students, we had a couple of bikes that we sold on to freshers. The profits will be used to upgrade our tool collection. The college is providing us with more bikes and parts when the bike sheds will be cleaned.

During term time, the Bike Doctors are going to service and repair bikes for free in front of Norfolk Building on saturdays  between noon and 3.00 pm. If you are really in an urgency, contact one of the bike doctors, maybe we can help out on special appointment.

If people are interested in helping with tools, donations or their skills, they are more than welcome. If you have questions or you want to offer your help, please contact Glenn Harris or Tim Rademacher at

We are looking forward to seeing you,

the Bike Docs