Bicycle Doctor Workshop

Hi Eddies,

After the Bicycle Doctors great success last year. We are looking forward to our second year.  Our resources are still limited, but we accumulated tools and bike parts last year. Due to generous donations from leaving students, we had a couple of bikes that we sold on to freshers. The profits will be used to upgrade our tool collection. The college is providing us with more bikes and parts when the bike sheds will be cleaned.

During term time, the Bike Doctors are going to service and repair bikes for free in front of Norfolk Building on saturdays  between noon and 3.00 pm. If you are really in an urgency, contact one of the bike doctors, maybe we can help out on special appointment.

If people are interested in helping with tools, donations or their skills, they are more than welcome. If you have questions or you want to offer your help, please contact Glenn Harris or Tim Rademacher at

We are looking forward to seeing you,

the Bike Docs


The responsibility for this page being updated belongs to The Environmental Officer

1. Recycling Facilities

2. Ongoing matters

3. Top Energy Saving Tips

4. Links

The Eddies Environmental committee is dedicated to ensuring the continued environmental running of the college, and to improving our ‘green’ standing as far as possible over the coming year.

Becoming an environmentally friendly college depends on a joint effort from all its student members as well as staff, and we always welcome suggestions from members of the CR on how we can improve our facilities.

Recycling Facilities:

Below is a list of the current facilities around our college that we can all benefit from using:

Norfolk Building:
Paper recycling bin under the pigeon holes and in some kitchens
Glass recycling bin in each kitchen (bright yellow lid – please wash all glass and remove labels)

Richard Laws:
Glass recycling bins outside each kitchen (bright yellow lid – please wash all glass and remove labels)

Brian Heap:
Glass recycling bins in each kitchen (bright yellow lid – please wash all glass and remove labels)

Paper recycling bin next to the photocopier

Bin for unwanted clothes to be donated to charity

There are also large recycling bins at the front of the College, coming out of the left-hand side driveway opposite the back entrance to the kitchens. Here you will find bins for tins cans, glass, paper, plastic bottles and cardboard - please use them!

Ongoing matters:

Firstly, we are currently working on implementing an action plan throughout college drawn up by the previous environmental committee that will help us to reduce our energy usage.

In addition, we are looking to provide more recycling bins within all buildings to help all of us recycle our waste. The aim is to provide full recycling facilities in every kitchen. Moreover, we envisage to set up a student-run allotment.

A free bicycle doctor workshop is held every saturday between 5.00 and 6.00 pm in the bike sheds in front of Norfolk building. Whatever the matter the Bicycle Doctors will try to help you out.

Furthermore, the college is going to have a Green Committee . Volunteers are needed for the Bicycle Doctors, recycling issues and new ideas. I hope to develop a striving green scene around college.

St. Edmund’s was officially rated the 10th ‘greenest’ Cambridge college by the CUECS Environmental League table of 2007, which is a fantastic achievement! We are going to participate again this year and hope to improve. the green status. However, in order to make Eddies to the rising star of enivironmental performance, here are some top tips everyone can do to help:

Top Energy Saving Tips:

The lights in the Norfolk building and in toilets are not on timed sensors. By remembering to switch them off we will save money as well as energy

We can also remember to switch off our own electrical when not in use: laptops, mobile phone chargers, lamps, stereos, kettles, cookers etc. Remember, a computer monitor left on overnight wastes enough energy to heat 6 microwave dinners!

Try not to boil more water than you need, and switch off taps after use (and when brushing your teeth!)

Print double-sided where possible, and re-use paper and envelopes

Use the supermarkets ‘Bag for Life’ that are strong, re-usable and normally more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. Sainsbury’s in town also has a recycling point where you can recycle plastic bags.

Buy locally sourced products rather than ones flown in from abroad, and buy organic / fair-trade where possible for as more ethical choice


There are loads more great tips on the internet, such as The Energy Saving Trust:

Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society:

Let me know if you would like to be added to the University Environmental Mailing list to receive e-mails about Green Matters in and around the University. If you have any comments, queries or suggestions, please get in touch – I will be happy to hear them!

Tim Rademacher
Environment Officer – ttr22